PrEmISES needs you

In the framework of the PrEmISES project development, the consortium partner are seeking to achieve a solution really in line with the market exigencies and prepared to solve the common SMEs problem in terms of knowledge management. It is for this reason that the consortium is creating a panel in order to achieve as much contribution possible proceeding from real experience of real companies.

If you are interested in letting the consortium know what are your exigencies in terms of knowledge management, please enter in contact through the contact section of this webpage, we will be glad to listen to your story.

The objective of PrEmISES is to help SMEs to better exploit their information spaces. As a result a software framework will be developed, which will couple with legacy data systems commonly used by SMEs and will add semantically-enabled information integration and will provide employees with work process-embedded, context-sensitive information services.

Led by Anova IT Consulting (Spain), the project will last 24 months with a total cost of 1,3M€. The partners involved are: Pixelware (Spain), OSF Global Services (Rumania) and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (Rumania).

PrEmISES has been selected among hundreds of innovation projects by Eureka Eurostars and counts with the support of the National Funding Agencies CDTI (Spain) and ANCS (Romania).