“Why knowledge sharing doesn’t happen at work…” an article by Emma Birchall

This article, written by Emma Birchall for the Huffington Post, explains what we can do about the fact that nowadays Knowledge sharing doesn’t happen at work.

Emma suggests that the key message for organisations that are looking to enhance knowledgte-sharing is creating signals that encourage people to build on the expertise of others and use their skills to contribute the success of teams beyond their own.

“It means providing people with space and time to talk, wander, browse – indulge their curiosity for a few minutes a day and spark the conversations that will get them intrigued enough to search for more information, perhaps on a knowledge-sharing platform. Finally, when it comes to the platforms themselves, ensure they too send out clear signals about their purpose and the format in which people should contribute. The success of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is that they are subtly prescriptive about what you should share and how (Twitter’s 140 characters being the most pertinent example). And avoid at all costs the fragmentation of employees across platforms. This in itself sends a mixed signal as to where people should be spending their time and contributing their expertise.”

We encourage you to read the full article at the following link in order to completely understand Emma’s point: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/emma-birchall/why-knowledge-sharing-doe_b_9787186.html